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13 July 2029 @ 12:56 pm
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06 December 2028 @ 08:23 pm
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"Um... I'm not here right now, but.. yeah, please leave a message!

.. Did I do that right..?"
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09 December 2011 @ 08:43 pm
12;; ☁ [ VIDEO ]  
U-um.. hey everyone!

[ Long time no see on the network, right? Not that Nanako has really been feeling up to it lately, not with Souji being gone from this place. But she's slowly been recovering now, so here's her big return, apparently. (Not that it means she's any less shy, considering she's still seeming a bit nervous over all of this. ]

I had a question.. I was thinking about something, but.. I couldn't figure it out on my own! So I thought maybe I should ask everyone here.. [ she nods a little to herself, as if to encourage herself to go on. ] Since big bro might come back anytime now, [ Yosuke told her he'd come back and she believes it, okay!! ] I want to make some drawings for him for when he comes back, so he can be happy with all of us again! But the problem is.. [ a nervous giggle. ] I don't know what to draw. I first thought I should draw mister unicorn, but he already has a lot of pictures of him by now!

So.. does anyone maybe have an idea?

[ don't leave this cute girl here helpless, people. ]
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12 September 2011 @ 07:24 pm
11;; ☁ [ VIDEO ]  
[ When the feed starts, the look this girl is giving the screen is.. a little curious and surprised, perhaps, but there's something knowing in it as well. Perhaps that's why instead of being completely shocked, there's a small smile on the teenager's face as well when she looks at the camera. ]

I'd never thought--

[ She cuts herself off, breaking out into a chuckle as she brushes back some brown hair falling from one of her ponytails. This girl might look very familiar to most people - after all, even if she's looking older there's something familiar in those facial features, in those ponytails.. ]

Well, this was a surprise.. That much is for sure. I wouldn't think there's some secret portal in Junes leading to this place, so I suppose I was taken here randomly again, huh?

It's been so long, though.. [ She's staring around herself in wonder, studying the surroundings so intensely that she almost seems to forget for a moment that the camera is running -- she doesn't remember until she looks at the device. There's something embarassed flashing across her face for a moment, but then she shakes it off, a smaller smile this time. ]

I'm not the only one here this time, right..? [ a very, very slight giggle. ] That would be sort of awkward.

( ooc: replies will come from [livejournal.com profile] outgrewheaven, she's a teenage girl of about 15-16 years now, yadda yadda yadda. )
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24 July 2011 @ 02:49 pm
interlude;; ☁ [ everyday replay ]  
[ The situation you step into in the dream is rather peaceful, rather normal. It's just a regular bedroom, probably a little girl's if you judge from the amount of pink and the various dolls and glittery drawings lying around all over the place. In fact, it's Nanako's room from back home, since you might spot her sitting in her bed in pink pajamas. Or perhaps you just recognize the room itself if you've ever been at the Dojima household in Inaba. A man sits on the edge of her bed a little, frowning. ]

You can't sleep, Nanako?

perhaps you should help her out instead. )
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16 June 2011 @ 10:07 pm
10;; ☁ [ VIDEO ]  
[ When the feed starts, it's not directed at Nanako's face. Instead it's sitting on the table, so you can instead see Nanako sitting at said table, bent over a piece of paper. Her face is mostly hidden by her hair at the angle the communicator is at, but it seems she's focused on drawing something on the paper. ]

Um.. This sunday is the third sunday of June, right? And.. the third sunday of June is Father's Day!

[ Even as she speaks up she doesn't look at the camera, but her tone at the very least sounds pretty enthusiastic. ]

So I thought that even though Dad isn't here, I should make him a present! It's still Father's Day, after all.. And I thought he'd might like a drawing. I've gotten real good because I've been drawing so many pictures here of mister unicorn and everything else!

[ There's a slight pause as she adds some more scribbles on the paper. ]

That's right.. Even if Dad isn't here, he would still like a present.. and he'd like me to have fun.. right?

[ Slowly but surely the scribbling stops, at about the same rate the enthusiasm disappears from her voice and is rather left with something hollow, something that's oh so very clearly sad even if she tries to put up a tough front as usual. ]

S-so.. [ There's a pause where she's obviously struggling to find words. ] Hmm...

[ She quickly reaches over to the device, turning off the feed. ]
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24 April 2011 @ 10:47 pm
9;; ☁ [ VIDEO ]  

Every day's great at your Junes~! ♪

[ This is the feed coming from Nanako's communicator today. All of it. Yes, she had an orange egg. ]
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04 March 2011 @ 03:25 pm
8;; ☁ [ VIDEO ]  
S-so, I thought that maybe because most of you haven't seen the unicorn yet, I should tell everyone about him..

[ Nanako's looking rather meek today because what is adressing the general population of the village.. She does look enthusiastic about talking about the unicorn. ]

Um, I've seen him leaving videos on the communicator a few times, even though I'm not sure how he records them since he doesn't have hands. O-oh, maybe that means he's a magical unicorn! He's probably magical already though, since he can sparkle and sometimes when he jumps little rainbows appear everywhere.

Maybe it's some sort of magical sparkle rainbow unicorn. ... I wonder if there are different kinds of unicorns in the first place?

O-oh, I coloured a drawing of him so all of you can see what exactly he looks like too!

[ With that there's this image viewable next to the video feed too. ]

( once again an ooc cut to save your friend lists and eyes. ) )

He's usually walking around in a field with flowers, although I don't know if it's anywhere near here.. And one time he randomly had a bucket! I'm not sure where he got it from, but it's sort of special, right? He can also do this really cool trick where he jumps through a lasso!

I-I think that's about it.. Does anyone have questions?
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03 January 2011 @ 12:53 am
7;; ☁ [ VIDEO ] (backdated to earlier on january 2nd)  

Um.. Today is big bro's birthday! And I was going to make a drawing for him, but I can't decide which one to give to him.. They're all of unicorns though, because I wanted to draw the cute one I've seen on the communicator! [ A giggle. ] So.. can someone maybe help me decide which one is the best to give to him?

[ The camera moves slightly clumsily and shows three pieces of paper, each with a different drawing on it. They were obviously drawn in ink (and by a little child) and there are some ink blots left on certain parts of the drawings. ]

ooc cut to save your flists and your eyes! )

[ The camera pans back to Nanako, who gives a last slightly nervous smile before turning the feed off. ]
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07 December 2010 @ 01:17 pm
6;; ☁ [ AUDIO ]  
Um.. Does anyone else see that building that suddenly appeared? I'm pretty sure it wasn't there before.. And it takes more than just that little time to build a building, right?

I think I saw a sign on it that said it's a shop, though! It sort of sounds like fun. [ MAYBE THERE'S A JUNES INSIDE. ] Is it safe to go there? Back home everyone in the shops was always really nice, so..

Hey, big bro! Can we go there? Please?
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23 August 2010 @ 12:13 am
5;; ☁ [ VIDEO ]  
[ Souji is seen leaning over a worktop - one of the inn's huge soup pots is currently stationed on the surface, its contents unseen. Evidently, he's unaware of the rolling camera. He glances back to look at his lovely sous chefs - Val and Nanako - and smiles. ]

Valeria, would you be able to chop these finely for me?

[ And he pushes a board laden with greens over to her. ]

Huh? Oh, sure! No problem.

[ Valeria practically beams at the request and draws the board smoothly to her. She turns her attention briefly to the far counter, where a number of knives are already laid safetly out of Nanako's reach, and shows little to no hesitation in drawing what some might identify as a chef's knife from the available selection. She returns her attention to the greens after analyzing the knife briefly, drawing them up in a proper patter, and then --


-- begins to chop them with marked precision at an abnormally fast pace, so much so that the action is almost a song. ]

[ After a slight moment of climbing - the girl needs to stand on a box just to be able to watch what's going on on top of the counters - Nanako just stares at the chopping with wide admiring eyes in awe, silenced by the show. At least her mood seems to have become better by a lot by now, perhaps because of the cooking gathering. Nanako hasn't seen much people in the kitchen at work, just Souji actually, but she knows enough to be able to see that Valeria's work is really good. ]

W-wow! That's so fast!

[ And Souji's eyes are drawn to it, too, eyebrows raising minutely beneath his fringe. His smile is quirked by Nanako's exclamation, however, as he turns back to the pan.]

Mm. You'll have to teach us sometime.

[ Nanako stares at the cutting more in fascination, but then turns around towards the camera as something seems to dawn upon her. ]

Ah! I think it turned on when I put it down!

[ She gets off the box and trots over to the communicator, getting a bit too close to it before taking a step back to a reasonable distance. Suddenly the idea dawns upon her that this is almost like television and she turns a slight bit more timid. ]

Um.. E-everyone, let's hope.. it turns out real good!

[ There's one last (slightly nervous, but happy) smile before the feed clicks off. ]
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21 August 2010 @ 10:20 pm
4;; ☁ [ AUDIO ] ( Slightly backdated to the morning after the nightmare event )  
[ When the feed starts there's first a brief pause before she speaks up, her voice shaky but obviously she's trying too hard to keep some kind of control over it. It's not working. ]

I want to go home..

[ There are bad dreams and bad dreams, and last night's was definitely the latter kind. If the whole stream of sights hadn't been bad enough already there had been something in there that had belonged to her personally, not to mention the glimpses of other familiar people. ]

I.. want to see dad again.. And th-- Mom..

[ She hics and there's a suppressed sob before she goes on. ]

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05 August 2010 @ 11:01 am
3;; ☁ [ VIDEO ]  
[ As the video clicks on there's a little girl staring at the screen very triumphantly. She's grinning, her white teeth in clear sight, but there's one small black hole in there that draws the most attention. Once she's shown it off for a few moments she closes her mouth to a smile instead. ]

It came out, it came out!

[ To add to that statement she holds up one tiny white tooth, a little bit of blood still covering it on the top, up to the camera. She looks pretty proud again. ]

I was eating and it suddenly fell out.

[ As she lowers the tooth again, she beams at the screen enthusiastically. ]

Now we can try, right? Now we can try and see if the tooth fairy will come here too!
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22 July 2010 @ 08:29 pm
2;; ☁ [ VIDEO ]  
[ At first when the camera clicks on there's a full-face close up. It seems she gets the hang of it after a few moments, realises it's much too close to her face and moves it a little further away.

She looks a bit hesitant, as if she regrets recording this, and shy. But then she gathers a bit more courage and speaks up. ]

Um.. Now the rain is gone, does that mean the other bad things will go away too?

[ She recalls the fear of the past days, but what had really scared her was that even the older, reliable grownups had been scared. She frowns a little at that thought, but tries to smile again. ]

My teacher at school told us that after rain there's always sunshine! So it's okay, right?
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14 July 2010 @ 09:31 am
1;; ☁ [ AUDIO ]  
[ There's silence for quite a bit with just some quiet natural background noise, but then a gasp can clearly be heard. ] T-this place, where--? ... ... Heaven..?

[ The sound of someone standing up and then footsteps resounding against the stones. ]

But if it's heaven, then I.. ... Hmm.. [ The voice sounds a bit more doutful as the footsteps halt for a moment before continuing on. ]

Mom? [ The voice definitely sounds more excited. ] Mom! Mom, I'm here! It's me!

[ The excitement echoes away as she starts to sound a bit more insecure. The footsteps stop too, leaving a painful silence behind. ] Mom..? You're here, right? You're not hiding, are you..? You don't want to see me?

[ After a moment of silence she speaks up again. ] Dad? [ The voice gets softer and a tad more desperate too. ] Big bro?
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12 July 2010 @ 11:18 pm
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Character: Nanako Dojima
Fandom: Persona 4

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